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Created in 2019 in collaboration with the Houston Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs and Houston Public Library, Myth City is a podcast about the mythology, legends, lore, and folktales that storytellers hold dear. Each episode we invite a writer, artist, or community leader to share a myth that they carry with them and discuss its influence in their work and life. 

Myth City is dedicated to unraveling the space between space, in finding the realms where we learn our own magic. Mixed with enchanting audio soundscape, these episodes journey through Indonesian ghost stories, the Chinese legend of the moon goddess, the creation of the world according to the Yoruba, and much more.

As a team we are trying to present an alternative to the violence of the Western literary canon, to create an archive of stories that center around the voices of people of color, queer, trans, disabled, and indigenous folks. We look not only to the heroes of the past, but to the muses and storytellers of now as we attempt to unearth the mysteries around us, to lace together a mythology of ourselves.

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